Day two with the Drepung Loseling monks in Library Hall

August 15, 2010

Crowds flowed into Library Hall all day, thanks in no small part to the monks landing on the front page of the Steamboat Pilot today.

It took a whopping 20 minutes for today’s enthusiastic sand painters to finish up yesterday’s work on the community sand painting.  With that, we whisked it away so we could begin again.

The community sand painting was still beautiful as a churned-up pile of colored granules.

Day two saw the near-completion of yet another version of Steamboat’s community sand painting with collaborative efforts of artists young and old alike.

No one is too young to sand paint at the Library...

...and certainly never too old...

...and the results are spectacular when the generations work together!

The monks have noticed that the community has made some serious strides in our sand painting skills, so they decided to up the ante on us for the next round.  After all, it appears that we’ll be sweeping another completed painting up to start again tomorrow. But this time, they’d like to see us create a colorful explosion of sand-painted letters around the border too…

Upping the ante...and showing us how it's done.

Alas, this is how the community sand painting ended today…

Day two, the end...with an assignment to make the rest of the letters match the monks' example tomorrow.

And now for the professionals…

The Drepung Loseling monks continue to astound everyone who enters Library Hall. While the monks work on the mandala sand painting, Gala Rinpoche has made himself abundantly available to visitors for all manner of questions and conversation.  (Coincidentally, Bud Werner Memorial Library is happy to note that Rinpoche once worked for the Loseling Library. No wonder he’s such a wealth of information.)

The monks toiled over minute details of the mandala sand painting for eight hours today.

By the end of the day, the mandala's design was edging into a new section of detail and patterns.

At the close of the second day, this is how the mandala sand painting lies…

Day two: stopping for the night.

Again, the detail is extraordinary.


Catching the glow of a Yampa Valley sunset.


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