Day three with the Drepung Loseling monks in Library Hall

August 16, 2010

Today, the monks worked in astounding detail atop the emerald green base layer they had  laid down the day before.  Nearly 1,000 visitors came to Library Hall to admire their work.

Colors and dimension were added with painstaking detail.

Many pre-schools came to visit and Gala Rinpoche took time to give each wee guest an elevated look at the mandala and a chance to chat.

And then they were done for the day.

Out and about…
In case you were wondering…and you haven’t already noticed them cruising the Yampa River Core Trail or along Lincoln Avenue…yes, the monks have been getting out to enjoy Steamboat Springs in their spare time.

Hiking around Fish Creek Falls...

Smiling with their new friend Mark Helle at the Fish Creek bridge...

And heading out to dinner and a relaxing night off in Steamboat.

On the community sand painting front, Steamboat took the monks’ challenge to add more detail seriously. Everyone put their creative juices to work in outlining the words along the painting’s frame.

Instead of using the color key, everyone picked their favorites for the lettering.

We ended up with quite a vivid rainbow.

And another version of Steamboat's community sand painting was completed! We swept it away to begin the process again.

BONUS:  Interested in a little more insight into our visiting monks? We learned today that Gala Rinpoche, the monks’ leader, has his own blog. On there you can even meet his dog, who he has regrettably had to leave at home in India.


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